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Uma Bhattacharya, 1st Dan Karate

This past Saturday the Owen Sound and Port Elgin Clubs hosted the fall Canadian Itosu Kai championships in Owen Sound. The wintery day started off early but once we stepped into the gym, the energy around us was electric. The team kata divisions kicked off the morning, showing off teamwork and dedication. Next up, the kids got to demonstrate their newfound kata and skills, and it was awesome to see all the parents and even fellow competitors cheering them on. The cheers continued through the dynamic weapons demonstrations, (especially popular with kids and adults alike) and carried through the adult divisions. Everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement along with Sensei Bo White’s upbeat commentary kept this great energy up throughout the day. The last divisions to go were the black belts, and despite being the most experienced, also had their competition jitters. Nevertheless, they put grace and power into every kata, and spirit and sweat into every kumite bought. It was especially interesting to see the immense men’s division, and how the power and focus never wavered, no matter the score of the bought, or how many matches they had done. I would like to extend a huge thank-you to Sensei Daniel Tsumura and Sensei Mike Duval, as well as the Owen Sound and Port Elgin clubs, who have all put a massive amount of work into organizing and running the tournament. I always get to come away from a tournament with something to work on, and I can’t wait for the next tournament to see everyone show off their hard work!

Owen Sound Tournament - Fall 2018
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