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Kei Tsumura

Shihan, Chief Instructor, Hachidan - 8th Dan Karate | Nanadan - 7th Dan Kobudo, Shihan

Shihan Kei Tsumura was inducted into the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2014 and has been a pioneer, practitioner. coach, mentor, and instructor for over 60 years.  


Daniel Tsumura

Canadian Director, Head Instructor, Rokudan - 6th Dan Karate Canada | Nidan - 2nd Dan Kobudo

Daniel Tsumura has been practicing Karate for over 30 years.  He is currently the Canadian Director recognized by the Itosu-Ryu Karatedo International Federation and the Head Instructor at our dojo.  When Daniel is not teaching at Honbu, he is visiting, coaching ranking, and instructing at one of the many other dojos in our vast Karate community.  Congratulations Daniel on winning Silver in the Black Belt Individual Kata division at the 2017 Itosu-Ryu Karatedo International Championships!


Hiroshi Maeda

Nanadan - 7th Dan Karate | Godan - 5th Dan Kobudo



Andrew Pasternak

Yondan - 4th Dan Karate | Nidan - 2nd Dan Kobudo



Alpha B.

Sandan - 3rd Dan Karate



Sam Wehbi

Nidan - 2nd Dan Karate | Nidan - 2nd Dan Kobudo



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