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Kobudo (Weaponry)

Itosu-Kai teaches teaches the traditional weapons of RyuKyu (Okinawan) Kobudo.

Kobudo, the art of Okinawan weaponry means "the Way of Ancient Warrior". Using traditional farming and fishing implements, the Okinawan people developed their farming tools into weapons that were very effective against the samurai. This art of defense became known as kobudo or Kobujitsu. Although Kobujitsu was an art separate from the Okinawan art of Karate, it was commonly use together as an effective form of defense. In the art of Kobudo - the Kama, Sai, Nunchaku, Bo, Kai, Kama, Nunchaku, Tekko, Suruchin, Tenbi and Tonfa are the most common weapons that were utilized.

Itosu-Kai is one of the foremost organizations in the study of Kobudo. Mabuni Sensei, Sakagami Sensei, Sakagami Soke and Tsumura Shihan all studied Kobudo with Shinken Taira Sensei (1897-1970), pictured bellow.

Shinken Taira, a master of Okinawan weaponry, was born on the small island of Kukijima, near Okinawa. His family name was "Maezato" but later in life he changed to his mother's name "Taira". He studied under Master Moden Yabuki, the founder of "Ryukyu Kobujutsu Kenkyu-Kai".

In 1960's Taira Sensei traveled to Yokohama and stayed in Sakagami's dojo (Genbu-Kan) where Tsumura Shihan studied kobudo with him.

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